Blackmores Mag Min 500mg 250 Tablets

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Highly bioavailable magnesium for the treatment and prevention of magnesium deficiency.
Blackmores MagMin is a highly bioavailable magnesium supplement suitable for the treatment and prevention of magnesium deficiencies. Blackmores MagMin may assist with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue due to inadequate dietary intake. Highly bioavailable magnesium. Prevents and treats magnesium deficiency. Supports energy metabolism. Small tablet, making it easier to swallow. Blackmores MagMin provides an easy to absorb and bioavailable source of magnesium which is suitable for a range of uses. Magnesium is an essential mineral that has many important roles and contributes to healthy physical function. Magnesium is essential for helping to support healthy muscle and nerve function as well as helping build and maintain strong bones and teeth. Blackmores MagMin may assist in reducing tiredness and fatigue due to poor dietary intake. Magnesium deficiency can also occur due to: -overconsumption of refined food -having too much salt, alcohol, soft drinks or caffeine -too much sweating -high frequency exercise -longstanding stress -vomiting or diarrhoea -too much or not enough dietary protein People at risk of magnesium deficiency include: -Indigenous communities -People over 65 years of age -Athletes and individuals doing a lot of exercise -People who eat a diet high in phytates (e.g. from legumes), fibre or protein Blackmores MagMin is suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation.

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